Saturday, June 13, 2009


-Conversation from Seven Years Ago-
Me: "Hey this band is really good, who is this?"
Shad: "O.A.R."

-Six Years Ago-
Me: "This song is awesome, what band is this?"
Shad: "O.A.R."

-Five Years Ago-
Me: "This is a kick-ass song, who plays this?"
Shad: "O.A.R."

Repeat three more times.

-Last Night Playing Poker-
Me: "Good fucking music, who is this?"
Shad: "You're fucking kidding me right?"
Me: "Holy shit, it's O.A.R. isn't it?"

I think I'll download some of their music on itunes. I think I owe it to them.

By the way, O.A.R. is an awesome band.
Copyright (c) 2008-2009 by Kevin McDonald


Vodka Mom said...

And, just who is this?

That was great............

SweetPeaSurry said...

That was sooo hilarious! I think you'd better get right ON Dl'ing some of that tunage!

he he he

Stacey said...

OAR... Not bad!

Christine Gram said...

Too funny. You'd think Shad would have burned you a CD.

Now I will go check out O.A.R.