Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Androids: We're This Close

Excerpt from Forward Army Division 479, Colonel McDonald's personal log circa 2017:

"....that's when I saw the first of them. We thought we were safe, being so far North and at least 100 miles from the nearest power source. It was inevitable that they would design their own Motorized Power Units or MPU's as we later came to call them. This allowed them to charge up at night back before they designed their hybrid solar/nuclear batteries. The droid I saw emerging from the woods was carrying a 9mm Beretta. Of course that didn't worry me. They hadn't yet written code in order to learn how to aim. The most they knew about shooting guns, they had learned from downloading scenes from movies on the internet. They didn't understand yet, that these movies were fiction. Their favorite movie, understandably, was The Matrix and when they shot at you they never hit you. Their attempts at gun play would almost be laughable if they weren't able to just crush your skull in their bare hands. This droid was a Paris Hilton Foodservice Model or as the kids called them a "PH10". I assume the "10" referred to its striking features. It made sense that they would use this model droid to scout us in the woods since its extremely thin frame was useful for hiding behind trees. Fortunately for me, they were stealthy but extremely stupid which is what allowed me to get the jump on it..."

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Scott said...

You need to write more of this! It's awesome.