Tuesday, November 25, 2008

WTF Blockbuster?

You couldn't take the time to give me a decent membership card?

"Here you go sir, half a fucking card, now go fuck yourself, oh by the way we don't have the movies you want to rent and we are going to change our policies about anything and everything at a moments notice...have a nice day!"


SassyTwoSocks said...

LOVE your blog. And because you're a fellow manhattanite, like myself. I'm totally adding you to my blogroll dude!

Pearl said...

Nice Quality Control on their part, huh?!


p.s. You're right on Frank Caliendo.

kokopellireader said...

I tried to update my Blockbuster Card a few years back (before Netflix), and because one card at one location did not transfer (what the hell?) to another location, my old one no longer was valid. Then they told me to just give them my credit card, because that was what they used instead of a membership card. Weird.

And might explain Blockbuster's frantic clawing of trying to get their market share back DVD rentals.