Thursday, November 27, 2008

Merry Turkey Day!

Things I am thankful for on Thanksgiving:

1. That I did not burn my house down while frying my turkey.
2. That I wasn't born in America in the 1600's, because that would have totally sucked. Plus I'm pretty sure they were burning those witches because they were the best looking women in the town. This is totally not cool.
3. Preservatives.
4. Shaving utensils.
5. Two showers a day.
6. The Office.
7. Bendy straws.
8. Penicillin.
9. Sporks.
"Those aren't pillows!" -Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

3 comments: said...

The 1600's did suck... I think the witch burning was probably a good thought, just a little mis-executed... We should have been burning the Blind... don't worry folks, they can't be offended as they can't read this.

It's All Good said...

bendy straaaaaws

blah blah blah blah said...

hahahaha,gotta love number two.
I mentioned that in my first post by the way.
Im pretty sure I would have been flogged through town and went up in flames,mmhmm,yup.

Once again,gotta love 2008.