Monday, January 12, 2009

Trading Places

Randolph Duke (being wheeled out on a stretcher): "Where's Beeks? Where in the hell is Beeks?"

Billy Ray (to Louis): "Oh yeah, I forgot about that guy."

Louis: "I wonder what ever happened to him."

Billy Ray: "Well let's see, after he got knocked out we taped his mouth shut with electrical tape, stuffed him into a gorilla costume, and then put him a cage with a real gorilla."

Louis: "So I guess he's..."

Billy Ray: "Dead...probably dead by now."
Copyright (c) 2008-2009 by Kevin McDonald


rachael said...

LMAO! Ooooh, that was laugh out loud funny

adlibby said...

Love the classics!

The Grandpa said...

I really like these. Nice.

Braja said...

Ah, crap. I forget who Beeks was.

rn terri said...

Love it! :)

bernthis said...

You know it's funny when after all these years you still get a good laugh.

Anonymous said...

I loved this movie, and the original too!