Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Grey's Anatomy

Dr. Shepherd: "Dr. Grey, a man was just admitted with a live grenade embedded in his chest. We need you to hold the grenade so that it doesn't blow up while we operate."

Dr. Grey: "That's ridiculous."

Dr. Shepherd: "Why do you say that?"

Dr. Grey: "First of all, do you realize how unlikely that scenario is? Nothing like that ever happens in real life! Second, I'm not paid enough to take that kind of risk, not to mention that this is a job for the BOMB SQUAD!"

Dr. Shepherd: "But there's no one else available to do it, we need you."

Dr. Grey: "Why isn't there anyone else?"

Dr. Shepherd: "Well a plane with 250 people on it crashed into a passenger ferry just down the block and all the victims are still alive with critical injuries. Also four of the on-scene ambulances crashed into each other at the E.R. entrance and seven of our doctors were killed because they were out there smoking and making out with each other."

Dr. Grey: "In that case we better make it quick, I have plans to fuck at least two interns this afternoon."

Dr. Shepherd: "Well there's some good news for you. All the interns are still alive, but one got a pencil shoved through his eye while he was trying to save a busload of A-typical high school students who were fighting about what clique each one was in."

Dr. Grey: "Maybe you and I could fuck while we're operating on 'grenade guy'."

Dr. Shepherd: "I insist!"
Copyright (c) 2008 http://crudeandfeckless.blogspot.com/ by Kevin McDonald


Cat said...

You just described my senior year of high school. Minus the midget porn.

Irish Gumbo said...

...uhh...she sure is pretty. I'm not sure I had a comment.

Did I mention she's pretty?

SSP said...

SERIOUSLY, you summed up an entire season in less than one page - I was right in not TIVOing it! This show jumped the shark when Callie kissed the heart doc.....or maybe when Dr. Sheppard hit on Little Grey...ewwww.

Love your blog - found you via Irish Gumbo :-)

Pearl said...

I'm picturing a radio comedy show, National Lampoon-style.



Anonymous said...

'Grey's Anatomy' is what 'Sex in the City' would be if it was filmed in a hospital setting...crap t.v.

SweetPeaSurry said...

Oh jeez, I wanted to comment on this so badly, and I could NOT find the bloody link. I can be really ditzy at times.

I loved this for the sheer cheek of the 'sleeping' around aspect.

I mean really, Izzie's sleeping with a ghost!!!