Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Blackberry Is Out To Get Me

Damn you Blackberry Scrabble game!

You had me so excited after you randomly picked me to go first before the computer. "I will TROUNCE the computer," I thought to myself.

Then you gave me my letters, I, E, I, E, X, Z, E.

Are you fucking with me? What the fuck am I supposed to spell with that?

You sir, are in cahoots with the computer. You are a bastard.

I know what you're thinking computer, "F, U, C, K, Y, O, U."

Nice Triple Word Score!
"You've lost, you just don't know it yet." -Searching for Bobby Fischer


Comedy Goddess said...

Do you have access to Webkinz games? I think you mentioned a child in your life which undoubtedly means Webkinz lurk somewhere nearby.Check out their wordgames.

BTW, your avatar? Was that your first time at a stripper bar?

SassyTwoSocks said...

Greatest Scrabble cheat tool ever -->

Also, you can spell Zee!

rn terri said...

I am LMAO. That is so funny. I needed the laugh this morning! :)

Lump said...

ok if I had that game on my phone I would be addicted!

KMcJoseph said...

CG - No stripper bar. That's just a friend with her arm up.

Sassy - Don't tempt me.

Terri - Thanks

Lump - I am

Anonymous said...

I find scrabble to be much more fun if the players have been drinking heavily, or have gone a good 36 hours without sleep. The English language takes on a whole new meaning.

Vodka Mom said...

I adore scrabble. No one will play with me over here- so you'll have to come over so I can KICK YOUR ASS.