Saturday, December 6, 2008

What the Fuck Are You Randomly Talking About?

I see you standin there.

You think you're so cool with your I-phone.

I got news for you.

You are. I'm jealous.

I'm one of those people that gets the newest phone when it becomes the "free with a two year contract and your soul". My wife made a mistake and got me a Blackberry. Now I will never be able to have a "lesser" phone. The free phones are OUT!

I was a first generation TIVO person. When I bought one for my parents, they were like "what do we need this for?" now they can't live without it. Now I think TIVO sucks, DVR's are the bomb!

Remember "the bomb" slang? Ahhh, 1996, those were the days. "Yo, that shit is THE BOMB!"

If I could take anyone's fictional life it would be the 4th bank robber (John Philbin) in Point Break. The one with the goatee. Unbelievably cool mo-fo! (Picture at the beginning of the post)

Speaking of Point Break, I have skydived, many times. You know how people talk to each other while they are skydiving in the movies? Not possible. It is so fucking loud you can't hear yourself THINK. Helmets help.

I remember when I would stay up late at night to wait for the new GnR or Metallica Video that was gonna play at 11pm. Then they would play it non stop until everyone was so fucking sick of it.

I reference time periods in my life by songs that were popular at the time.

Ron Bennington's Got His Own Cupcake and it is AWESOME!

God I love Point Break. It is so fucking stupid and great!

"Don't tell me to relax Bodhi! He's a fuckin' federal agent!" -Nathanial in Point Break


Kristina P. said...

Ha! They did that whole Point Break, skydiving talking to each other thing on Mythbusters. Hilarious.

Scott said...

Is this the kind of film I should be seeing? One of those ones that everybody but me has seen, like Casablanca.

SassyTwoSocks said...

I was such a die hard GnR fan. I would have done anything to be Axel's girlfriend. Man. Good times.

Comedy Goddess said...

As for musical memories, Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here is a personal favorite. Makes me blush!

KMcJoseph said...

Kristina - My first time I was screaming and yelling with excitement, and I couldn't hear myself. Never mind, "Thousand feet, pull your shoot." that Patrick Swayze says to Keanu.

Scott - The end of the movie takes place in Bells Beach, Australia. Of course it is probably just L.A. with fake Aussie accents. You tell me.

Sassy - I would have done anything to be Axl! Stephanie Seymoure nuff said.

CG - "by the way, which one's Pink?"