Sunday, December 28, 2008


Dr. House: "Well, all the other tests we've performed on this patient have failed, in addition to making him blind and a multiple amputee. I think it's time we put him in for an MRI."

Dr. Foreman: "Um doctor, has it ever occurred to you that the MRI machine might be broken?"

Dr. House: "No, why?"

Dr. Foreman: "Well, every single time we put a patient in the MRI they have a seizure...without fail. Accept for that one time you put an 800 pound man in there and he broke the machine. Lucky for him I guess, otherwise he would have had a seizure too."

Dr. House: "I had no idea."

Dr. Foreman: "Are you really even a doctor? I could get better medical information from the Internet. You realize that you're supposed to diagnose patients right? You're not supposed to just keep guessing until something works."

Dr. House: "You're fired."

Dr. Foreman: "I quit, hopefully I can work for a qualified employer. There's no telling how much damage you've already done to my career."
Copyright (c) 2008 by Kevin McDonald


It's All Good said...

i LOVE House! One of the best shows out there ...

Anonymous said...

We never miss house! And I really work with doctors, so I can tell you - I'm always in hysterics from his rediculousness. I believe I have yelled out loud..."What an asshole!" at least once during every episode I have ever watched. I love it!

Irish Gumbo said...

Tonight, on "Mystery Medical Science Theater 3000", the REAL script to the TV 'House'!

Good one!

SweetPeaSurry said...

Everytime ... you make me seriously laugh out loud ... EVERY time!!!

I love this, and I don't even WATCH House.

(What self-respecting TV Junkie doesn't watch house? I know you're asking yourself that)

I'll tell ya sometime! :)

Owens Family Adventures said...

I just found you by blog skipping around and had to leave a my friend are frickin hillarious!! I may have to stalk you a little bit now. :)

Cat said...

Do I have to watch House to get this? Was this something you wrote or something from the actual show? I must be a total moron